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PrintDAT! Tutorial

    You won't believe how easy it is to print your dbGrid.

Drop PrintDAT onto a grid 

To print your grid, do the following:
Drop our PrintDAT! component onto the form that has a grid.

2) Drop a button on the form and assign it's OnClick event to:

That's it! You're done in 30 seconds. Compile and run your program.

3) When you click on the Print button you'll see the output in our report viewer.

Grid Report Preview

The report can be printed to the:
a) Built-in Report Viewer,
b) Printer,
c) Text file,
d) Export it to a spreadsheet like MS Excel (using ASCII Delimited output),
e) Send a page of the report to the Windows clipboard.

Bonus. The 1 Second Report.
Most people would think 30 seconds is an extremely fast way to design a report from their grid. After all, it's 50 times faster than their current reportwriter. How can we possibly make it any easier? Would you believe we can eliminate step #2 entirely and not even use a button? In fact, you can run the report directly from the Delphi IDE just by dropping the PrintDAT! component onto the form and double clicking the PrintDAT! component. In just 1 second we have created a report from a dbGrid. We don't even have to compile the program! That makes it over 1500x faster than conventional reportwriters. But there's more.

Added Bonus

Plenty of Features

Universal Database Printer

Not only can PrintDAT! print your TdbGrid, but it can also print your:

  • TStringGrid
  • TListBox
  • TQuery
  • TTable
  • TDataSet
  • TDecisionGrid
  • InfoPower's TwwDbGrid, TwwDbQuery, and TwwDbTable.

All of the report options can be changed at runtime either under program control or through a report options window, without recompiling your program. You'll be able to do things like adding report titles, headers and footers, activate Shrink to Page, or change the report alignment. The report can also be changed into landscape mode so more columns will print across the page. PrintDAT! can print grids with over 1,000 columns using horizontal page breaks.

  • Paradox™
  • dBase™
  • NexusDB
  • Interbase™
  • Oracle™
  • Informix™
  • Sybase™
  • MS SQL Server™
  • DB2™
  • Midas™
  • PrintDAT! can also print 3rd party non-BDE databases that are descended from TDataSet.

So if you're tired of labor intensive reporting, or if you just want to give your productivity a big boost, order your copy of PrintDAT! today. Grid reporting will never be the same again.

If you have a grid, you have a report.

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