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PrintDAT! Lite Version 1.78 December 1, 2017
PrintDAT! Lite has been released for Delphi via GetIt
Please see the start of the Readme.Pdf for a list of features that are available in our PrintDAT! Lite version. PrintDAT! Lite is free and is available from Delphi 10's IDE using its GetIt Package manager. We expect to have it available for GetIt in Delphi XE8 shortly. PrintDAT! Lite is also available on our  Grebar Systems Download Page for Delphi 7 to Delphi 10.x if you wish to install PrintDAT! Lite manually.

Modified PrintDAT! Packages (again)

We made minor changes to our packages to make sure the binary files are generated in their proper directories, namely:


Unit Directory*

BPL Directory

DCP Directory









*The unit directory is where the PrintDAT! *.DCU files are stored. The "Win32" or "Win64" directories (XE2 or later) are under the package (*.Dpk) directory.

 Example: c:\PrintDAT\DXE8Bin\Win32 and c:\PrintDAT\DXE8Bin\Win64.

These are the paths that you will need to add to your Delphi Library path; one for 32 bit compilation and the other for 64 bit compilation. Please note that PrintDAT! Lite has only 32 bit DCU's. The Pro version has both 32 & 64 bit binaries along with the source code.

**The Win32 directory is used only for Delphi XE2 or later. PrintDAT! For Delphi 7 to Delphi XE will put the DCU files in the package directory, like c:\PrintDAT\D7Bin.

Delphi 10.x now has separate directories for Seattle, Berlin and Tokyo.
Separate PrintDAT! directories have been created for each
Delphi 10.x version to allow all 3 versions of Delphi 10.x to be installed and working with PrintDAT! at the same time. The directories are called D10_0Bin for Seattle, D10_1Bin for Berlin and D10_2 for Tokyo. See the installation instructions for more information.

PrintDAT! Now Searches the Windows Path for Help File "PD_User.Chm"
The PrintDAT! User's Help file PD_User.Chm (or .hlp) can be distributed with your application in order for the user to get help for the various PrintDAT! options. Changes were made to TpdtPrintDAT so it will first look for this help file in the same folder as your application, and if it is not found it will look for a "Help" folder under the application folder, then if the help file is still not found, it will search the Windows path for this file. This will allow you to have a centralized location for the PD_User.Chm (or .hlp) file for a variety of applications that use PrintDAT!

PrintDAT! Reviewed in Delphi Informant magazine!
Author Clay Shannon sums it up nicely: "The Bottom Line: PrintDAT! is an awesome product."  Of course we already knew that. :-)

For further information regarding the features of PrintDAT!™
see our PrintDAT page or to download a trial or demo version that is InfoPower compatible visit our download page.

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